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Some schools install jammers in classrooms

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Phone Jammers are like any other device, and their capabilities vary by make and model. Nowadays, more and more people are starting to pay attention to protecting their privacy and security.In the early 2000s,cell phone jammer were used in many counterterrorism efforts, and law enforcement agencies also used them to block communication between criminals.Normal jammers block only one of a phone's two frequencies, but they're pretty good. More advanced jammers can block more than one frequency, and some can even be tuned to match the exact frequency. Most modern cell phones are affected by phone jammers.

Jammers are often used in schools, government offices and prisons. By using jammers in these places, people can hardly be distracted and students cannot cheat by contacting other people or strangers. Therefore, the advantages of using gps jammer that can jam the frequency band of the mobile phone is very wide. It has become indispensable in high-security areas such as detention centres and prisons. It prevents illegal communications between visitors and detainees. Today, it is even used in places like libraries and cinemas. Because the use of interference devices can help maintain a calm atmosphere and prevent students from cheating.

WiFi and Bluetooth have become an indispensable part of our lives.At this point, we need a portable wifi jammer to protect our privacy. The wireless wifi jammer can completely cut off the transmission of wireless signals, which can effectively prevent hackers from invading your computer or smart devices via a wireless network. While they are very useful, they also carry major risks: government agencies or others could use them to steal your privacy, and hackers could easily steal data from your computer over a wireless network or track you via the camera of a smart device.

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