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Do you often get crank calls?

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Do you know any ways to stop crank calls

Recent statistics on the use of mobile phones while driving indicate that more than 20% of fatal car accidents are caused by inappropriate use of mobile phones. Hundreds of people are killed and injured every day around the world due to the use of mobile phones while driving. Cell phone jammers are only a good way to force the prohibition of cell phone use while driving.According to some experts, new cell phone jammer will reduce traffic accidents. If you are one of the many people who still want to know how to do this, then let us provide you with short information on this subject by saying that many of us take a lot of risk when talking on the phone while driving risks of. That's why scientists have designed a special type of cell phone blocker that should be installed in some of the latest car models.

Wifi jammes Installed next to ATM avoid telecommunications scams.The wifi jammer transmits weak radio waves with the same frequency as the radio waves of broadcasting information from the mobile base station, communication is blocked, and the device will be installed in some places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited. We have started taking steps to restrict the use of mobile phones in ATM corners. This is a joint effort by financial institutions to prevent criminal damage such as wire transfer fraud.

If you are reading the specifications and revised versions of the different signal jammer, you may have realized that there are three main specifications: frequency, operating radius, and battery life. Each signal jammer device supports a different frequency and can block the signal within a given radius. You should know that many manufacturers specify a certain working radius, but in many cases, the working radius of the device is smaller than the radius shown in the specification table. You might ask yourself, "Why do manufacturers lie about this specification?" The truth is they didn't lie. The manufacture of its products also includes testing, and every device is tested. However, in this case, it is important that companies test their jammers in open areas that are not obstructed by buildings, cars, and other objects. This means your working radius is very good, but it becomes smaller when used in the city.

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