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Did it ever occur to you that you might have your location stolen?

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A jammer can protect your position from bad guys

In recent years, the issue of the war on terrorism has been widely discussed, and this is one of the issues that people should pay special attention to. As you can see, there are regular terrorist attacks all over the world. The good news is that many such attempts have been blocked by the authorities due to intensive research and modern technology. The last thing the authorities included in the war on terror was to block off devices of different types, sizes and powers. High power gps jammer is the perfect device to stop drone from remotely controlling bomb throwing.

In some factories, managers have so far tried to ban employees from bringing mobile phones to the factory, but with little effect, many companies have begun to purchase new technologies such as WiFi jammers with strong jamming ranges to solve this problem. Signal jammers are a controversial topic, and many people think that this device will affect their freedom of communication. Some high school dormitories have installed cell phone jammers, and 5g jammer are blocked to prevent students from indulging in playing cell phones and surfing the Internet at night.

On the Syrian battlefield, the Russian army is actively trying to prevent U.S. aircraft from flying over Syria, interfering with signals transmitted by the Global Positioning System (GPS), thereby disrupting flight operations. drone jammer with interfering GPS systems are seriously affecting the operation of U.S. uavs, but it is unclear how severe Russian interference is. Military officials declined to say whether GPS was in trouble, but have said they have worked out solutions to overcome the problem. In fact, in the 1990s, the Air Force and Navy already had modified electronic warfare aircraft to detect GPS jam. Hasik added that military officials also updated Raytheon ’s “hazardous” missiles to be able to identify GPS interference. radiation.

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