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It is important that the bride's nails be adjusted.

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 The modelling of a bride on the wedding day, the bride manicure but essential, whether it is to propose a toast to the guests or link exchange rings, people focus on the tiny, little finger of the bride, so it is necessary to well dress up. So, let's take a look at the bride's manicure today.

  It is important that the bride's nails be adjusted.

  1. Adjust the condition of nails.

  Nails are one of the best indicators of human health. Many people believe that there are such experiences, when the body is not good or when the nutrition is not sufficient, their fingernails will appear dull, a surface inequality. So if the bride wants to do a manicure before it is best to do a proper diet, adjust her health condition, so that the fastest way to make her nails rich and smooth.

  Keep yourself good.

  When repairing your nails, the bride should pay special attention not to be too long, to break off, to trim a nice one, which is suitable for her finger, which is also important in the manicure. If you don't know what's right, get the manicurist to design and choose the right one for you. In general, the nails should be set aside for a certain length, and then allow it to grow naturally along the shape of the plateau, not to be too sharp or too round.

  3. Clean hands.

  The bride's manicure is not limited to her nails. The beautiful hand is the first step. Clean the bride's hands and exfoliate with a frosted product. Be careful not to ignore the keratin around your nails. Then massage, soften nails first, massage with massage cream, hand massage can not be ignored. In addition, the upper membrane, according to the needs of the bride's hand skin, usually includes two kinds of moisturizing and whitening, which can be selected according to the bride's needs.

  A healthy diet should not be ignored.

  Healthy diet is very important only nutrition balance, fingernail can have healthy burnish, and not easy to break. Make sure you're getting enough calcium to add more tofu, almonds, greens, and dairy products. It is also important to have a certain amount of fat, preferably oil that contains unsaturated fats and can be found in tuna, beans, salmon and other foods.

  5. Choose the color that suits you.

  When choosing a nail color, most of the time is to consider the color of your skin, the color of the wedding dress, and the bouquet of flowers. It's like the skin of the hand is yellow, and the bride with olive color, it's best to choose the color of gold or peach, which will make your skin look very beautiful. Be like nude color suits oneself of color, might as well hold the nail polish in the heart, feel under the skin color collocation is ok.

  Find a professional manicurist.

  Get a professional to design your wedding in the first three months before the wedding! Find a professional to help you conserve your hands and nails, and three months is a cycle of growing your nails. And you can also try different nail styles for the last three months, and finally decide on a more satisfying style.

  7. Nail polish.

  The bottom oil not only avoids the natural oil of fingernail to let nail oil prematurely flake off, also prevent the nail oil that has color causes the color precipitation, the health that threatens fingernail directly. And even if you don't paint your nail polish, you can use it to enhance the toughness of your nails, and many brands of oil contain nutrients. Polishing is no longer a necessary step for a bride's manicure, and now the nail polish has the ability to level the nail, so it can also rely on nail polish instead of polish.

  8. Transparent armor oil.

  Nails after a week's time to get to the wedding, your bride in order to guarantee the nails from harm, and keep the color is changeless, after finish manicures can best protection for nails painted a layer of transparent nail polish up, to believe your nails or when the wedding day will be very beautiful, like new.

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