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Van der Sar wishes Belgium to win: the five major leagues are too strong.

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Van der Sar wishes Belgium to win: the five majorair jordan 1 off white
leagues are too strong. Manchester United's famous Van der Sar recently talked about the Russian World Cup. Since the Dutch team did not qualify for the World Cup, the Manchester United has turned to support the Belgian team. He hopes that the Belgian team will eventually win the cup.
Van der Sar supports Belgium because Belgium is a small country like the Netherlands. Van der Sar said: "I hope Belgium can do this and win the World Cup. It is great for them. They are very good with the Netherlands. Similar small countries are not big. In fact, the land area of ​​the Netherlands is bigger than Belgium. The Belgian team played well in this World Cup. They won three matches in the group stage. The knockouts showed a reversal of Japan and then defeated Brazil to advance to the semi-finals. They are currently winning five games. Van der Sar continues: "Of course, Anderlecht is a big club, but in Europe, the Champions League is still dominated by French, English, Spanish, Italian and German teams.
Therefore, it is wonderful to have a rest of the team in the championship. Of course, Croatia is the same, I still hope that Belgium will win. ”
If the Belgian team wants to win the championship, they will first defeat France in the semi-final and then defeat England or Croatia in the final. If they can win in these two games, Belgium will win the championship and make history!
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