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Belgian star: Ronaldo + C Ronaldo + Henry = Mbape France must lose

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"Henry is also a scorer, and he alsoyeezy 350 oxford tan
creates opportunities for others. In fact, I think Mbape is the perfect combination of these players, but don't forget that he is still only a child." In addition, Van Buyten's for Mbabe The future is also full of expectations: "When you see what he can do now, he is still making great progress. He is one of the best offensive players in football. Interestingly, after 3 or 4 years He will become stronger, and he was only 22 or 23 years old. He is like a sly diamond. I hope he can keep his feet on the ground and move on."air jordan 1 fragment
When talking about the semi-finals of France and Belgium, Van Buyten also expressed his opinion: "I think this is a game that is evenly matched by both sides. You can't just look at the lineup on paper. For example, Japan looks at the strength from paper. Not as good as Belgium, but they led us 2-0 in the game, and they eventually lost to us because of lack of experience. France and Belgium are excellent, but they must show up in the game, and they need a little luck."
At the same time, Van Buyten also predicted the score of this game: "I certainly think that Belgium won, the score I think will be 2-1."
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