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German national team. He completely broke with the Football Association.

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According to the German "Sky Sports"air max 95 femme
news, Özil will withdraw from the German national team. Due to the previous photo with the Turkish President, coupled with the poor performance of the World Cup, he has become a squad, and the relationship between Özil and the German Football Association has broken down, he will no longer play for the German team.air jordan 3 retro
Marko Belenbeck, a journalist at Sky Sports in Germany, said: "I don't think he has a future in the national team. Not only because of his performance, but also his entire environment and his criticism, he is disappointed and annoyed. I don't want to talk. He thinks that he has been treated unfairly. As a great player, although his performance can be better in the future, I don't think we can see him again in the national team." Özil is Before the World Cup, I took a photo with the Turkish President, which introduced an uproar. The German Football Association thinks that it is inappropriate for him to make such a move with Gondoan before the World Cup. Subsequently, in the World Cup, Özil was in a downturn, and he became the target of the fans' sniper. Even after a game, Özil had a squabble with the fans and almost did it.
After the German Football Association was eliminated from the World Cup, it also asked Özil and Jingdong to give a reasonable explanation for the photo event. Ozil’s father said: “Ozil has paid so much for the national team, but he is a scapegoat when his grades are not good. If it is me, I will say that, ok, thank you, I quit the national team. ”
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