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Mmoexp: Diablo 4's developers have offered up a slight

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Diablo 4's developers have offered up Diablo 4 Items a slight tease about the sought-after 'cow level'.
The secret level is something that's been hunted by Diablo 4 sleuths since launch, but to no avail. Last month though, players thought they'd come close to unlocking the unconfirmed secret level, and all they had to do was slay nearly 2,000 poor cows.
The mystery revolved around three items, each of which can be obtained after you mercilessly cut down 666 cows. Although not active yet, Diablo 4 players believe you'll eventually be able to take the Musty Tome, Bloody Wooden Shard, and Intricate Metallic Fragment, and use them to unlock a portal to the secret cow level.
Diablo 4's next patch will guarantee Legendary drops from buy Diablo IV Items Treasure Goblins | MMOEXP
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