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HP PCA227 Universal Computer Power Supply

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High-quality HP PCA227 Computer Power Supply. Works for HP Pavilion FH-ZD271MGF S5 Series. This Brand New HP PCA227 Replacement Servers Power Supply Cord uses internal safety control system to limit output voltage or current to protect against overload and short circuit malfunction. This Computer Power Supply is also certified by CE and RoHS to ensure both safety and stability for your device.

HP PCA227 adapter


Input: 100-240V~50-60Hz 6A
Output: 270W
FH-ZD271MGF 633193-001 PCA227 PS-6221-7 PCA222 FH-ZD221MGR PS-6221-9 FH-ZD271MGR DPS-220AB-6A D10-220P1A
Compatible Models

HP Pavilion FH-ZD271MGF S5 Series Computer Power Supply PCA227

1. Please carefully read the PCA227 Computer Power Supply information and compatible models provided by us, please do not buy it by mistake. If in doubt, please send an email.

2. Check the number of your power pins and type of connector(SATA, ATX).

3. HP Computer Power Supply PCA227 provided by, is made up of high quality electronic materials, worked by high-performance output power, perfectly run-in motion your HP Pavilion FH-ZD271MGF S5 Series.

4. Never use a small power to work for a high-Consumption device, otherwise it will damage your device.

5. If the appearance or output power of the above HP Pavilion FH-ZD271MGF S5 Series Computer Power Supply does not match your device, please send us an email promptly to provide a suitable power supply model for you.

PCA227 power supply

JP: HP PCA227 電源ユニット

US: HP PCA227 power supply unit

NZ: HP PCA227 power supply

PL: HP PCA227 zasilanie

IT: HP PCA227 alimentatore

ES: HP PCA227 fuente de alimentación is the number one supplier of dell laptop adapters. Our dell adapter have been tested and validated on dell systems to ensure it will work with your notebook. Adapter for dell are specifically designed for each laptop brand and model. All dell adapters are brand new,1 year Warranty, Secure Online Ordering Guaranteed!

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