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IPOD 616-0640 Excellent quality Battery Replacement

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All of our IPOD 616-0640 high-quality alternatives have been tested to achieve and/or exceed original performance and are 100% compatible with the original manufacturer's specifications. Battery Replacement for IPOD Nano 7th, the Replacement Battery is 100% brand new and CE / FCC / RoHS certified for safety.616-0640 battery

Brand New IPOD 616-0640 replacement battery for IPOD Devices & Electronics 220mAh/0.8WH 3.7V


Battery Compatibility Name: IPOD Compatible battery
Battery Application: Devices & Electronics
Chemical Materials: Li-Polymer
Rated Capacity: 220mAh/0.8WH
Standard Voltage: 3.7V
Part Numbers:
Compatible Models:
For IPOD Nano 7th

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JP: IPOD 616-0640 バッテリー
DE: IPOD 616-0640 Akku
ES: IPOD 616-0640 batería
IT: IPOD 616-0640 batteria
PL: IPOD 616-0640 Zgodna Bateria
US: IPOD 616-0640 battery

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