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TOSHIBA Portege Z10T-A-13V laptop/ tablet PC 2-in-1 battery for TOSHIBA PA5137U

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TOSHIBA PA5137U battery is compatible with TOSHIBA Portege Z10T-A-13V Z10 Z10T-A. PA5137U battery is 3600mAh/43Wh and 11.4v. This battery model of PA5137U is 30% off(if YOU buy in bulk, discount more), max performance and secure quality. Your PA5137U gets 1-year warranty-service and 30-days money-back guarantee at

Brand : Toshiba
Capacity : 3600mAh/43Wh
Voltage : 11.4V
Product color : Black
Chemisty : Li-ion

Replaceability with the following models:
product compatibility:
For TOSHIBA Portege Z10T-A-13V,Z10,Z10T-A PT141A-01301E,Z10T-A-13V,Z10t-A-13R 2-in-1 laptop/tablet
Instructions for Use

Should I buy a laptop or a two-in-one computer?

The two-in-one computer is extended from the concept of ultrabook.

Ultrabook is the concept that Intel wanted to come up with to launch another category between desktop and notebook.

The first generation of ultrabooks has four standards:

Standard 1: Thickness less than 18 mm, weight less than 1.5 kg

Standard 2: wake up from sleep, less than 19 seconds

Standard 3: Life time is more than 5 hours in daily working conditions

Standard 4: Using Intel Smart Core i-Series Processors

Ultrabooks have better endurance, better performance, super thin, super heat, etc. compared to traditional notebooks at the time.

But the push was not very successful, on the one hand because of the high price; on the other hand, with Apple's release of the first generation of Macbook Air, many people turned to the Apple camp (although watching Macbook Air is not a very successful product now) . This also led to the development of the "two in one product" in the window camp.

What is a "two-in-one computer"?

The concept of "two-in-one computer" is to combine the excellent attributes of the two products into one, to learn from others, and to achieve multi-faceted consideration, which is a new form of product. The "two in one" here refers to the PC tablet two in one. As a new product in the PC industry to convert computer models, while retaining the performance and configuration of the PC, it also combines the portability and entertainment of the tablet.

As a PC tablet two-in-one computer, in order to become a true two-in-one product, you must do the following two points. When the user needs a PC, it can give you the performance of the computer, the compatibility of the computer, and meet the needs of most people's work. When the user is in leisure time, it can be used as tablet entertainment, while ensuring portability and mobility, which is the ultimate goal of the "two in one" computer.

It stands to reason that everyone should choose two in one, why bother?

Because of the system

Tablets can't be compared to traditional notebooks.

Many tablets are Android, and iPad is not a MacOS system. The office capacity of the traditional notebook window system, the power of the MacOS system, the performance of the tablet can not be achieved.

Even today, many 2-in-1 computers can achieve dual system conversion. However, in order to ensure heat dissipation and portability, the performance of traditional notebooks cannot be achieved.

So how does the 2-in-1 computer compare to the notebook performance?

The current two-in-one computer on the market is equivalent to the performance of notebooks two or three years ago. For extremely low power consumption, and the need for long standby, but not too hot, performance and portability can not complement each other.

If you are working in the office and let the computer be a productivity tool, you must start with a traditional notebook;

If you are looking for entertainment, watching videos, brushing web pages, etc., you can enter a 2-in-1 computer.

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