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BOSE SOUNDLINK I series battery replacement for 404600 BATTERYcompatible battery

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Bose 404600 battery is compatible with BOSE SOUNDLINK I 1 404600. 404600 battery is 2300mah and 11.1v. This battery model of 404600 is 30% off(if YOU buy in bulk, discount more), max performance and secure quality. Your 404600 gets 1-year warranty-service and 30-days money-back guarantee at

Brand : Bose
Capacity : 2300mah
Voltage : 11.1V
Product color : Black
Chemisty : Li-ion

Replaceability with the following models:
product compatibility:
BOSE SOUNDLINK Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speaker II 2
404900 Bose SoundLink 2
Bose SoundLink III
bose soundtouch 20
bose SoundLink III
Bose sound touch II
sound touch II portable
BOSE soundlink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II 404600

Bluetooth audio replacement battery step introduction
1. First, you should put the bottom of the Bluetooth speaker up, then pull the mat off, then use the plum to screw out the screws one by one.

2. Remember to use the soldering iron to warm up and then solder the lithium battery on the audio board. Then solder the purchased wire and the matching plug together.

3. Solder the other end of the wire to the positive and negative poles of the audio board (generally red is positive and black is negative). Then remember to use double-sided tape to secure the wire to the volume control pulley so that it extends through the air above the volume control to the outside of the sound.

4. Here, you must be sure to stick the two ends of the battery wire with tape and put it into the audio for filling. Then put the motherboard on the battery, then close the bottom cover of the sound and screw it. Go in and you're done.

5. Stick the double-sided tape on the bottom of the sound, then stick the non-slip mat on the double-sided tape and then press it quietly to make it stick more.

6. You will find the suitable wire with the plug at this time. Then you can find the proper orientation by cutting off the insulation layer. Then you can attach the rosin and solder to the wire to make it easy. .

7. Use soldering iron to dissolve rosin on the positive and negative electrodes of the battery for convenient soldering, then solder the solder to the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, and then solder the prepared wires to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

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