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New development of military electronic jammers 2018

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GPS signal jammer enhance electronic combat capability

The Raytheon Company, manufacturer of the low-cost flight vehicle, spent the last two years upgrading the jammer version of the platform, known as MALD-J, to include electronic warfare capabilities, as part of the $34.8 million MALD-X demonstration effort.

The ADM-160 was developed by Raytheon as a decoy, and modified into a ‘stand-in’ flying cell phone signal jammer under the MALD-J program. Weighing less than 300 pounds, the weapon has a range of approximately 500 nautical miles (575 statute miles). After it is launched from its host aircraft, the MALD decoys flies a preprogrammed mission, operating alone or in pairs. As a network enabled platform, MALD-X (and MALD-N) will be able to operate in ‘swarms’ of many decoys, thus overwhelm enemy air defenses and better respond to unexpected threats, it will be able to retask or employ techniques based on parameters they receive over the data link.

So this would disable communications with the drone, but all other systems should remain functioning? If the drone had appropriate programming to recognize a jamming scenario and a GPS signal on its launch position, it could presumably react and go back home?

Tinker is where the Air Force conducts heavy depot maintenance on both the B-52 and B-1 bombers and is home to the shop in charge of maintaining the Stratofortress’ existing TF33 engines. There is also no indication that the proposed "B-52J" nomenclature is in any way related to previous concepts that used that moniker, such as the B-52 Stand-Off Jammer electronic warfare platform or unofficial B-52J arsenal plane concepts.

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WiFi jammer effectively targets the new radar

While the U.S. military is unlikely to intentionally attack Russian forces in Syria, the situation highlights the importance of suppressing enemy air defenses&mdash;one major tactic U.S. flyers have long relied upon is radar jamming, or saturating enemy radars with “noise” and false signals so that they can’t track and fire upon friendly airplanes. The U.S. Navy has relied on the ALQ-99 jamming system for nearly half a century, even as opposing radars grew in ability. However, by the beginning of the next decade it will begin fielding the superior Next Generation high power jammer, boasting significant electronic-attack and signal-intelligence capabilities.

Russia's Kalashnikov Concern presented the REX-1 counter-UAV rifle. This man-portable jammer provides a non-kinetic drone inhibitor. Utilizing multi-band jammer to defeat small UAS from a relatively short range, it can also be used to disrupt mobile phone communications, for example, securing a suspected...

Signal intelligence system along with electro-optical sensors, provide additional layers of threat classification and identification, while RF jamming provides the soft-kill layer of this solution.

Gun drone jammer

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