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Chinese schools use jammer to stop students using phones in classroom

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Students play mobile phone in class - school installation jammer

In Chian, in recent days, a number of Internet users have reported on our exchange platform that there is a "mobile signal jammer" installed in the classroom, which they fear will affect students' health. On the Internet some BBS, post bar, related topics have also attracted many netizens' discussion. In to investigate interview, the reporter understands, "classroom cell phone signal jammer" behind a "helpless" is the school, students in the class play mobile phone how to become a big problem.

Recently, netizen "mickey" reported to the reporter, the stone lion three middle and high central high school classroom in many classrooms recently installed "mobile phone signal jammer". Internet users worry that the "signal jammer" will cause harm to the human body? In "shi shi SAN zhongzhi" post, the reporter saw, the netizen "the big bang" uploaded a classroom to install the mobile phone signal jammer picture, at the same time also to whether affects the health to express the question. Its post attracted more than 20 replies and hundreds of visits. In the local BBS and community of shishi, there are also posts that reflect the installation of mobile signal jammers in the classroom. Netizens have different attitudes and some netizens are worried about the "health effects of radiation", while some netizens believe it will help solve the phenomenon of "students playing mobile phones in class".

The cell phone jammer does not affect health

In response to the netizens' reactions, the reporter recently interviewed shi shishi, President Chen. President Chen confirmed the "installation of mobile signal jammers in the classroom". According to its introduction, there are more than two thousand students, more than 40 classes. Due to the serious phenomenon of students playing mobile phones in the classroom, they have had a great impact on normal teaching activities, so they decided to install mobile signal jammers in each classroom. At present, most classes in the central high school have been installed. After these "jammers" are enabled, cell phone signals are blocked in the classroom. But as soon as you get out of the classroom, the signal will be restored. For the "health impact" problem, Chen, a physics major, explained that there was no scientific common sense. On the one hand, the installed jammer is a qualified product, and its electromagnetic radiation is in accordance with the relevant national standards, and many schools and examination halls are already in use. On the other hand, from a physical point of view, the frequency of electromagnetic waves emitted by jammers is low, which will not affect the human body at all.

In the interview, the reporter learned that in addition to stone lions, other schools are also preparing to install mobile phone signal jammers in classrooms. Some schools in anhai and quanzhou have installed gsm jammer in the classroom. For this, some school teachers think that this is helpless, according to the understanding, most students now have the use of mobile phones. In the classroom, the student answering the phone, or via mobile Internet, QQ chat, play games etc. Phenomenon is relatively serious, in the examination, some students also use mobile phones for cheating, such as mobile phones to send the answer to the classmate, with the mobile Internet to check the answer. In stone lion some BBS, post bar, the reporter also noticed that there are many students online post time, actually in the class time. "Class play mobile phone", this undoubtedly affected the normal teaching, let the teachers "headache". As a last resort, some schools require students to hand in their mobile phones during the exam, but some students actually hand in their fake phones or carry multiple phones. Based on this, some teachers believe that it is only possible to prevent students from playing mobile phones in class by blocking the signal of mobile phone in the classroom.

Cellphone Jammer

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