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Easy way to destroy the UAV

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In recent years, America, Japan and other countries have occured issues like small UAV crashed into the core area, and many of them are occurred after the crash. Small aircraft has a small volume , low altitude and low speed. Although the america military announced that they can destroy the satellite and intercept ballistic missiles, but they can not deal with the UAV so easily which has become a big problem in the world .

Laser Pointer Green

How to deal with these uninvited small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has become the management departments headache problems. It even become a worldwidely difficult problem . China also face this problem, but it is much easier to deal with it in a Green Laser . Especially in the process of aircraft landing, if UAV breakthrough into this place it will made a heavy damage.

The first recruit: Civil missile! This is the "Skynet 1" low altitude defense system, as early as in 2011 put into use, the effect is good. The system comprises a fixed frame and a missile, and also can be used in a mobile launcher. Its appearance and general quadruple installed air defense missile is quite similar, the missile using basic silent gunpowder emission technology, muzzle velocity is not high, 100 meters / seconds, aerial application network interception technology, namely flew near the target, release a diameter of 3 meters of a large network of entangled in each other, so that the operation and dynamic system failure, and the use of a parachute to ensure a smooth landing. The smokeless, no flame, no light, micro acoustic characteristics is very suitable for use in densely populated areas, not only can landing of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), model aircraft or balloons, but also prevent them equipped with Laser Sight or suspicious objects flying around sprinkling.

Second strokes: civilian laser cannons! 2014 public exposure of the "low" guardian of the Laser Pointer system and the way it works is rough a little, use invisible laser target is destroyed, only 5 seconds to destroy the target and there will be no collateral damage. After the low altitude guard can quickly turn to the next target tracking and combat. The system had several successful test and demonstration, has shot down fixed wing and rotor helicopter, a typical small aircraft more than 30 sorties. The success rate was 100%. The interception of this system is not less than 2 km, a single set of systems defense area of 12 square kilometers. This system can be further strengthened, it can become a military air defense weapons, it can be described as great potential.

This second recruit for UAV absolutely effective, both can be destroyed, but also capture, very effectively deal with small UAV hidden safety problems, solve the difficult problem in the world with a 100mw laser !

These two techniques look very simple, it is not difficult to talk about, in fact, behind the things is not a general technology. Skynet is actually general air defense missile technology applied to civilian security field; "low" guardian of the latest high powered laser weapon technology application is absolutely high technology, enough level. As for other countries, perhaps they have the relevant technology, or even higher levels, but the idea is not converted, otherwise it will not allow the Chinese to beat the!

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