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As the emphasis app is a supplement to FC 24

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Icardi is also very flexible in terms of position as he is able to play as a Left Mid or at CAM. He also FC 24 Coins has 4-star skills and 4-star weak foot, with medium attacking work rates, and medium defensive work rates.
In terms of stats, the real standouts are the 87 Pace, decent dribbling overall with 90 in Composure, and decent shooting with 93 Positioning. Thanks to that beefy strength stat and 92 jumping, the card can also be Lengthy with the Architect chemistry style.
Icardi is still hard to link to because of the Turkish league. From Galatasaray, you may also be able to pick a Mertens special card in the future which would help with links. There are no other notable cards from the Turkish league.
Overall Verdict
The card is cheap, clearly has some strengths, and can also be used as fodder later down the line when youre finished with the card. We will update this card shortly with a player review once weve completed the SBC.
FC 24's World Cup Mode Won't Be Coming To Ultimate Team
That's according to Fut Sheriff (via VGC). The leaker has reported a number of details about what to expect, and what not to expect, from Ultimate Team during the World Cup kicking off later this month. They have previously been a reliable source for accurately revealing FIFA features ahead of time.
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FC 24's World Cup season will begin soon but apparently, it will not include a World Cup FUT mode. ldquo;There will be no World Cup mode INSIDE FUT. There will be special cards and themed content, like a promo, but no mode, Fut Sheriff tweeted. ldquo;We will receive TIME LIMITED cards from the players in World Cup and we will use them to do Objectives and SBC based on WC.
Fut Sheriff adds that even though there will be World Cup-themed cards in FUT during the event, those cards will be removed once the tournament, and the FUT season, has come to an end. Heroes and Stars will remain, but EA FC Coins for sale cards that can be obtained for the purpose of completing special World Cup objectives will not be needed once the tournament is done, and will therefore be removed from your accounts.
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