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Superb Choice14V 3.5A 49W Samsung LTM1555 Laptop AC Adapter

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Buy New Replacement Samsung LTM1555 Laptop AC Adapter. Works forSAMSUNG SAD04914F-UV LTN1565 BN44-00129C Monitor and many more. Warranty & Fast Shipping. We are the real manufacturer for Samsung LTM1555 Laptop AC Adapter, and we believe that our products are your best choose.Samsung LTM1555 adapter


Input: 100-240V 1.5A 50-60Hz
Output: 14V 3.5A 49W
LTM1555 LTN1565 C27F591FDC C27F591FD S24A350H B2770 P2770H P2370H

LTM1555 power supply

JP: Samsung LTM1555 アダプター

US: Samsung LTM1555 power adapter

NZ: Samsung LTM1555 power adapter

PL: Samsung LTM1555 zasilacz

IT: Samsung LTM1555 caricabatterie

ES: Samsung LTM1555 cargadorAll of our adapter for laptop are made with high-quality. Our laptop power supply units must pass stringent quality control tests that ensure our laptop power supply will work with your laptop. All adapters are brand new, 30 days money back guarantee.

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Samsung LTM1555 AC Adapter Charger for SAMSUNG SAD04914F-UV LTN1565 BN44-00129C Monitor

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