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Cheap Lenovo PCG010 Computer Power Supply online sales

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We are the real manufacturer for Lenovo PCG010 Computer Power Supply unit .High-quality Lenovo PCG010 Computer Power Supply with very popular price in our shop.All of our Computer Power Supply were certified by CE, UL, ROHS, ISO9001/9002 for safety, you can buy with confidence!


  • Type: GSB454
  • AC Input: 100-240V~,50/60Hz,3.0A
  • DC Output: 180W;+12==15A,-12.0V==0.2A
  • SKU: LEN17589_Se

    Replaceability with the following models :

    PA-2181-2 HK280-72PP PCG010 FSP180-20TGBAB

    Product Compatibility :

    MODEL : PCG010
    P/N : SP50H29530
    FRU : 00PC750
    Compatible Part Numbers:
    PA-2181-2; HK280-72PP; FSP180-20TGBAB
    Max Power output: 180W
    Size: 15*8*6.5cm
    Connector interface: 10Pin+4Pin
    Lenovo 510S B415

    Online Store

    Care instructions and tips:
    1.Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergents to clean the charger. clear In addition to the appearance of the charger, it can be scrubbed with cotton and a small amount of absolute alcohol
    2.As an electronic product, it is accidentally exposed to water or exposed to humid air when it is not used for a long time Will cause different degrees of corrosion or oxidation to its internal electronic components
    3.Do not place the charger in a place where the temperature is too high. High temperature will shorten the life of electronic devices and destroy If the charger is broken, some plastic parts are deformed or melted. Do not store the charger in a cold place. When the charger When working in a cold environment, when the internal temperature rises, moisture will form in the charger and damage the circuit board.

    Popular Products

    1. Warranty:We promise that the Lenovo PCG010 Computer Power Supply sold in our website are 100% brand new .
    2. They are manufactured using the most up to date TI chip set.
    3. Longer lifespan - thanks to modern Lithium technology without memory effect.
    4. Guaranteed safety: Protected against Short-circuits, Overheating and Overvoltage.
    5. Each cell is separately tested in order to ensure professional standards are met.
    6. 100% compatible in replacing your original Computer Power Supply.
    7. If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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