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Online Sale UV Sterilizer Toothbrush Holder

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The latest STERILIZING TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER for sale, UV Sterilizer Toothbrush Holder Solar Energy Automatic Toothpaste Squeezers Dispenser Wall-mounted Bathroom Accessories,and more products which you need. We will refund you within 30 days! If the product is not what you expected or if you changed your mind, you will be completely reimbursed.100% New. 1 year Warranty, 100% Guarantee Quality and Fully Test!


  • UV Sterilizer Toothbrush Holder Solar Energy Automatic Toothpaste Squeezers Dispenser Wall-mounted Bathroom Accessories


    1.The UV toothbrush sanitizer is given you and your loved ones a clean toothbrush and peace of mind every day.

    2.When you are close to the toothbrush holder to activate the process, leave the start of sterilization, if you are close again, immediately stop sterilization, protect human safety

    3.Advanced amorphous silicon thin film solar panels provide any type of illumination for space stations, including natural daylighting and indoor lighting, eliminating the need for direct light, increasing light conversion rates by 10% and extending toothbrush holder operating time.

    4.You've got the perfect toothbrush station to provide a clean bathroom, clean toothbrush, utensils and peace of mind.




    Material: Plastic

    How to Use

    1.Toothbrush sterilizer - how to install? Whether the wall or glass can be installed?

    Please first open the bottom paper of the backboard glue on the toothbrush holder, stick it on the clean wall, glass or cabinet, and press it gently (the backing plate is glued for 24 hours before using the extended toothbrush holder body) If it is a painted wall, it can be punched and installed, and our package is equipped with screws.

    2.Toothbrush sterilizer - will the back sheet glue fall off easily? How much weight can you bear?

    The toothbrush holder uses an authentic US imported 3M glue, which will only get more and more tight. The back sheet glue has been tested in the early stage of development, and can bear the weight of 5KG and will not fall.

    Product List:

    1* Toothbrush holder

    1* Manual


    - The actual manual measurement size may have some errors. The actual size is subject to the actual product.

    - Due to different lighting and shooting conditions, the color of the picture may differ slightly from the actual product. Please refer to the actual product.

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      2. Provides excellent STERILIZING TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER characteristics.

      3. 30-Day Money Back,1 Year Warranty for UV Sterilizer Toothbrush Holder Solar Energy Automatic Toothpaste Squeezers Dispenser Wall-mounted Bathroom Accessories Replacement STERILIZING TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER.

      4. Quick delivery for every order.

      5. If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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