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Honeywell 7800-BTSC 7800-BTSC-1 battery replacement 7800-BTSC

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Query and replace the 7800-BTSC battery. Replace your Honeywell 7800-BTSC 7800-BTSC-1 battery, 2200MAH/8.1WH/3.7V. For more battery promotion information, please visit


  • Brand: Honeywell

  • Type: Li-ion

  • Capacity: 2200MAH/8.1WH

  • Volatge: 3.7V

Part Nmubers:


Compatible Models or Other Details:

Honeywell 7800-BTSC 7800-BTSC-1
Charge limit voltage: 4.2V

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Advantages of purchasing Honeywell battery:

* Low prices, many discounts, high quality, fast delivery!

* Easily and securely buy online. With PayPal payment system, you can get credit guarantee immediately.

* Not the original battery, but through our cooperation with trusted suppliers, we ensure that the battery can make your phone work, 100% compatible!

* If you have any questions, send an email to

About Our Company

We are a trusted long-term manufacturer partner and wholesale agent specializing in laptop batteries, laptop AC adapters and some electronic products. We have tested the quality and safety of our batteries almost every manufacturer on the market. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best prices and highest performance on the market.

We have been Try to make your online shopping easy, fast, convenient and safe. Our current product inventory has compatibility information for over 3,000 electronic device models. We are confident that our adapters and batteries in most cases are right for your device.

Why is the number one choice for buying mobile and smartphone batteries?

* "BATTERYCLUB.ORG" has been in business for more than 10 years! Popular new cell phone batteries have been released! Find by comparing prices and specifications of various products. In addition, the 90-day warranty is safe!

* The phone battery we sell consists of high-density energy battery cells and high-quality battery box packaging. All mobile phone batteries are brand new unused and reliable domestic PSE certification.

* The battery we provide is not the official standard battery, but after working and testing with the original series of phones, it is 100% compatible.

* Contact email address:

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