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Development of gps-jamming weapons in various fields

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Application of GPS signal jammer in the military field

Bluetooth signal can also be used to remote detonate a Bomb. But the range is comparatively less of a bluetooth signal as compared to radio, so it doesn't seem necessary to block that. Also if bluetooth is used to bomb a target, the bomber should be close buy to remote detonate the bomb and he will also be harmed in process. So it is next to a suicide mission, no use blocking by jammers.

Plus Bluetooth is used in every mobile phone coming into that area for various purposes like you said Music for an instance or data sharing, so Jamming that would hinder daily activities also.

North Korea is apparently active jamming GPS signals using truck-mounted systems that overrun signals coming from tracking satellites. South Korea is unable to pinpoint the locations of these jammers because the Army runs them for about ten minutes at a time and then moves them.

The wifi jammer during Red Flag and other exercises this winter are intended to prepare pilots and air crews for operations under those sorts of hostile electromagnetic conditions. The Army will conduct its own GPS jamming exercises as well at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Polk in Louisiana, and at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California, during the same timeframe.

GPS military jammer can pose a great threat to enemy countries

While Ukraine is the most glaring example of the danger, “Those dilemmas can be seen in any theater,” Piatt acknowledged. But focus on one threat, instead of “trying to solve the entire Army at one time,” lets the Rapid Capabilities Office get something into service as soon as possible, without waiting on official programs of record which, among other things, won’t get the Army a new offensive jammer until 2023. Once a solution has been prototyped, fielded on a small scale, and shown to work, he said, “then we can inform a fielding solution for the entire Army.”

Merrill did not define the size of a region a GPS jammer could knock out, but Jules McNeff, who spent 20 years in the Air Force working on GPS and is now vice president for strategies and programs at Overlook Systems Technologies Inc., a GPS engineering firm in Vienna, Va.,estimated a one watt cell phone signal jammer could blanket a medium sized city.

In one incident in Hanover, Germany, Bennington said, a GPS emulator being used for maintenance disrupted inbound aircraft navigation and actually electronically moved the runway threshold. It took authorities hours to find the source. NASA’s ASRS has recorded more than 100 incidents of interference, some serious enough to cause aircraft to lose position data. While jamming splatters the signal, spoofing actually fools the GNSS receiver into believing it’s somewhere else. In one well-known incident in the Mediterranean Sea, more than 20 ships were spoofed into believing their positions were miles away from their true location.

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