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The threat from wireless signal jamming

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GPS signal jammer weapons bring a huge payoff ratio

The effects of jamming can be dramatic. In a 2009 test, a jammer with less than a thousandth of the power of a mobile phone aboard the Trinity House vessel Galatea forced false positions to be displayed on the electronic chart and relayed by the automatic identification system to nearby shipping. In addition, satellite communications, the distress safety system and helicopter deck stabilisation failed, clocks went wrong and the ship’s radar and gyrocompass were affected too.

Never-the-less, straight-forward jamming is unlikely to pose the greatest threat, primarily because it is a very blunt instrument and not one that is likely to pass unnoticed. In the event of any abrupt loss or sudden degradation of the signal, a surprising range of devices will detect the problem, not just the GPS receivers themselves, and sound the alarm.

The modification (P00008) to contract FA8682-16-C-0004 awarded to Raytheon Missile Systems, on June 29, 2018 for Lot 11 Miniature Air Launched Decoy wifi jammervehicles and support equipment was awarded with the incorrect funding type. The correct funding is fiscal 2018 procurement funds. All other contract information is correct. "These systems consist of a satellite armed with a weapon such as an explosive charge, fragmentation device, kinetic energy weapon, laser, radio frequency weapon, jammer, or robotic arm,"

Drone jammer gun

Cell phone signal jammer equipment effectively solves the threat of drones

In front of the increasing threat presented by drones, mostly if armed, Perfectjammer has developed a portable device to jam communication between a pilot/operator and its UAV. Once a drone is spotted, the jamming operator aims at it with his Drone Gun Pro and pull the trigger after having selected the relevant mode to treat that UAV in its current environment.

The device is capable of obstructing telecommunication protocols between the drone and its remote control. Moreover, the Drone Gun Pro allows to ensure frequency hopping communication systems. In fact, this device is effective against UAVs, IEDs (jamming the triggering instruction given by GSM or radio control) and various communication protocols.

GPS jammers are usually small devices that plug into a vehicle’s lighter port and emit radio signals that overpower or drown out much weaker signals such as GPS or others. Although GPS jammers are illegal in the US, they are easily available online and are becoming more and more common as the use of fleet management tracking systems increases. These devices may seem relatively harmless at first glance, but their potential to cause harm is significant.

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