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The wedding of the prince of brunei was a lavish affair of bridal jewelry

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The wedding of the prince of brunei was a lavish affair of bridal jewelry

Brunei sultan hassanal bolkiah, the son of prince are o horsepower and bride rabbi atul IDA 12 sons in brunei's capital bandar seri begawan Mr Rui, the palace held a grand wedding. In addition to the members of the royal family, prime minister department minister, cabinet members, government officials, members of congress, religious leaders, civil society representatives around the country, foreign guests and royal in brunei diplomatic missions, etc. More than 4000 people attended. Photos of the wedding were later posted online, leaving the hearts of Internet users around the world "restless" for a long time.

Prince adumali prayed with his bride, rabbi atul tawiya

The bride is carrying a golden hill

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Sudan officially launched the royal wedding ceremony on April 5. The wedding ceremony included a series of ceremonies, including the groom giving the bride a wedding gift. At omar ali sifuding mosque, Sudan witnessed the swearing-in of prince ali adumali, 31, and his bride, rabbi artur al-tawiya, 22, in accordance with Islam. 12 in the morning, the prince is horsepower and rabbi atul IDA sons in Mr Rui, the palace held a grand wedding ceremony of the hall, completed and ritual, and accept the parents, family members and VIP greeting.

Prince of brunei's wedding

According to the traditional Malay wedding custom, the bride and groom must wear the most beautiful clothes on the wedding day regardless of their social status. Despite the psychological preparations, the wedding of the prince of brunei is still in full swing, with many netizens saying that the bride is simply carrying a "golden mountain" on her back. The bride's diamond tiara is encrusted with six teardrop-shaped emeralds the size of a pigeon's egg. The emerald diamond necklace around her neck is larger than her head, and the same series of brooches are pinned to her left breast. She was covered with jewels from head to foot, and even her bouquet became a jewel. The bride's 'glass shoes' are also eye-catching, with the heels encrusted with swarovski crystals and a thick gold chain. At the dinner party, the groom and the bride changed their outfits. The groom wore a sergeant's dress, with his epaulettes and collar studded with diamonds. The bride wore a dark purple dress, a ruby tiara, matching necklaces and brooches, a huge platinum diamond ring on her right hand, and a more glamorous look.

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