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Groom's church wedding vows:

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Groom's church wedding vows:

7. I, XXX, marry you, XXX, be my wife. I greet thee with the truest joy into my life, that we may be one and one. Just as Christ is related to his body, the church, I will be a loving and faithful husband to you. Just as Jesus Christ is my head to look after and help me, I am willing to be your head from now on, to look after and to help you. I promise to take care of you with the deepest make love, with the most complete heart, and take care of you with the gentlest attitude. I promise that you are second only to god in my life. I promise that I will lead our life into a life filled with Jesus Christ's faith, hope and love. Whether it is peace and prosperity ahead or threats and obstacles, let us grow old together under the word of god. On this holy day of marriage, before god and all, I promise you that I will always be a loving and faithful husband to you.

8, XXX, I love you, I also know that this love comes from god. So I would like to be your husband and serve god with you. I promise that I will always be faithful and love you, no matter through the trials of my present and future life. I promise that I will lead you and protect you in this life and this life just as Christ loves the church. God's word shows us this example of love, that Jesus Christ gave his life to love the church. With god's help, I will try to show this love to you, because I know that we will share this life together in the Lord.

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Groom's church wedding vows:

9, XXX, and when we stand in front of god and the people, mutual set off, I want to let the people know, because god's love for me, I see god in my life the most important position. He has chosen me to be his people. I also know that he blessed me and gave me your life as a gift from god. By such know XXX in any environment, I promise to god's love to love you, by the grace of god is rich, I would like to meet your needs, take you, just as god led me. When I asked you to marry me, my heart was like psalm 34, verse 3: "magnify Jehovah with me and exalt his name together."

10. In front of the god who brings us together, I XXX, marry you XXX as my wife, I will love you and cherish you just as Christ loves the church and gives himself to the church. From now on, I will lead you, share my life with you, and follow god through the journey of life. Through the grace of god, XXX, we can grow up together and have the image of Jesus Christ, our savior.

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