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The process of wedding speech is gradual and lively

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The process of wedding speech is gradual and lively

[swear to ask oath] : my friends, marriage is mutual understanding and trust, but also mutual trust and cherish. Marriage is the union of love and love, the exchange of love and affection, the collision of heart and soul, the connection of life and life. A beautiful love story is told, interweaving a beautiful love oath. At this moment I want to the bride and groom will have words want to say to each other, so now, let's welcome two new turned, relative and stand, looking at each other's eyes, the groom will you pull up the bride's hand in front, and say your this love confession. Sir, when your hand in her hands, from this moment, whether poverty and riches and honour, health and disease, you will care about her, love her, cherish her, protect her, understand her, respect her take care of her, obey her, for her, to life, forever, will you? (I'd love to) give it to the groom! Woman, when you hand in his hand, from this moment, whether poor or rich, healthy or disease, you will be loyal to him, support him, help him, comfort him, to accompany him, life, forever, will you? I'd love to. Applause!

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[exchange of letters] : a pledge to accompany with life, a moment moved enough to accompany the storm life. At the moment to sow the seeds of happiness heaven and the earth the flowers in full bloom auspicious, legitimate couples begin their happy new life, life has opened a whole new side of them, for the birth of the new family, they brought a precious, pledge that symbolize the two sincere heart unchanged, also contain more responsibility and commitment, please welcome angel gave two new belongs to pledge their love. Groom, sincerely look at your beloved wife, remember, XXX is your unregretful choice in this life! Now wear the diamond ring on the ring finger of the bride's left hand. Bride, sincerely looking at your husband, remember that XXX is your life happiness depends on! Now please put the diamond ring on the ring finger of the groom's left hand. As time goes on and on, there is no end to the situation. A small diamond ring, firmly wrapped in their love, the heart of their mutual love.

[hugging and kissing] : now, hold your two ring hands together and hold them high to receive your blessings. We sincerely hope that you will remember each other's promise today and always regard each other as a treasure in your hands. What are you waiting for, groom? Hold her in your arms! Embrace your beloved wife with your manly arms, your angel, the sun in your heart! Dear friends, let's give them a round of applause: hold hands and grow old together. Grace loves love, always! Where's the applause?

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