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Keeping things steady will make you more at ease

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It is one of the necessary steps for a marriage certificate to be made by a witness at a wedding, and couples usually choose the leader of their own company as the wedding witness. This article brings is six different style wedding ceremony, the leadership of the leading man words exquisite natural not nervous, steady living scenes, well-prepared also can improvise, based on the original time with roughly within three minutes advisable. Here are six different types of wedding words you can use to make your wedding speech easier.

Six types of leading wedding speech make it easier for you to keep your wedding CARDS steady

Leading the wedding speech

I. marriage certificate of competent leaders

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Good evening, everyone!

Today is a great day for Mr. And Mrs. Xx to get married. First of all, on behalf of all the guests, I wish the bride and groom a happy wedding and all the best!

I am honored and delighted to have been entrusted by the bride and groom as their marriage witness. The bride and groom met, knew each other, loved each other, and became husband and wife through a memorable time, let us express warm congratulations!

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Now, I declare: Mr Xx and xx miss feelings is sincere, to create a better future for their psychological and material preparation, their marriage is logical, program is valid! Castle peak is your witness! Xiushui is your witness! Friends and family present here testify for you!

Hope you in the future days, mutual respect, mutual love, mutual understanding, mutual aid, no matter in the future is smooth or rough, your hearts are always together, take each other as their lifetime depend on, together toward a bright tomorrow.

On this beautiful night, you can't forget to give you infinite love parents, to put to a parent's concept of love into practical action, filial piety and serve your parents on both sides.

Let us pray! Let us bless! Let us hold up the hand of the wine glass, together wish this pair of jade people a happy marriage, never mind, grow old together, hand in hand to create a better tomorrow!

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