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Romantic proposals make it easy for you to make a successful proposal

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Romantic proposal: the most classic proposal

At the place where you met for the first time, she held her favorite flowers in her hands. Like the English gentleman, she knelt down on one knee and said to her affectionately: dear, please give me a leave. Of course, before proposing marriage, you can first recall the scene of your first meeting with your partner, and then make an affectionate proposal. It is well known that this kind of proposal is more romantic and classic, and it is more likely to succeed.

Romantic proposal 2: surprise on valentine's day

A valentine's day proposal would also be the most popular choice for most people. You can prepare it at home, or you can choose to prepare a romantic candlelight dinner at a hotel and present her greatest love gesture on valentine's day -- proposing to him. I believe she will never forget this festival. The only downside is that it's hard to find a gift to match it for valentine's day.

Romantic proposal method 3: use the lucky star of love fold

If you are a handy and patient guy, this is a good way to propose. First prepare a small ribbon with your love words on it, then fold it into one lucky star after another, fill a whole glass bottle and give it to her. In the coming days, and find out all the spare time reading together with her love you write down, and then like a casual you find out that you inside the ring of stars promise of love, to marry him, in front of her open and say what you want to say, say "Yes" she promise to be happy, and feel your romantic and handsome!

Romantic proposal way 4: sweet love

Most girls are like dessert, if you she is a girl eat dessert, you can buy some cookies, cookies, desserts such as proposed props, of course may need you to let the bakery specially produced for you lucky dessert put an engagement ring. Then you just give her the dessert and kneel on one knee and ask her to marry you. If you're afraid your girlfriend will swallow the ring by mistake, you can choose to place the ring on top of the dessert.

Romantic proposal: strangers propose

You can choose when and his girlfriend in the street, will be prepared in advance of flowers to a stranger willing to help you, choose a meaningful number, then let a stranger, send flowers, one by one when flowers said she prepared to marry him on the confession, and then leave, such as after the strangers to send, you take a bunch of flowers, gentlemanly knelt to, to say the last sentence: my dear, would you please marry me? I believe that my girlfriend will cry happily and say "yes" happily.

Romantic proposal: a movie theater proposal

Find a you often go to the cinema or effect good cinema, the film's theme is chosen in advance, it is best to love theme, can spot the break your profession, let all the people present to witness your marriage, your love. Or when the screen goes dark in the middle of the movie, your love confession appears when the screen lights up. Then you hold flowers and rings, kneel on one knee and ask your girlfriend to marry you.

Romantic proposal: a proposal on a merry-go-round

In han drama of popular today, you can also use the romance in the Korean dramas, take her to the playground, sit merry-go-round, his girlfriend, have a good time when you take a good preparation of flowers, knelt to and request her to you.

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Romantic proposal way 8: the romantic proposal on top mountain

If your girlfriend is a sport of girl, you can choose to go climbing with her in a day, at the time of on the top of the mountain, choose a more open place, take out a prepared to marry him props, to propose to her confession.

Romantic proposal: make your own album

If you can draw, you can buy a blank picture book, show your love in a painting, and cut a hole in the book to hide the ring. Give her the album. When she turns over page after page and sees the ring, she will be touched when you kneel down on one knee and propose to her.

Romantic proposal: surprise birthday

It's also a good way to propose to her on her birthday. In her birthday that day, celebrated her birthday to prepare a romantic environment, and then when she was delighted, you say you want to say, to propose to his confession, she'll be pleasantly surprised and touched.

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