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Summer skin tonic water small clever water tender skin out

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In summer the weather is getting hot, the body moisture loss quickly, the metabolism of skin, the skin will be more water, become dry, so in the summer skin filling water becomes the focus of the skin care work in time. What does summer skin complement water to have small wonderful move? Without further ado, we'll let you know.

Summer skin hydration tips: keep your moisturizing spray with you

In the hot summer weather, the skin is the most likely to become dry, especially at the computer all the day in an air-conditioned room workers, so it is necessary to carry a moisturizing spray is, at any time for added loss of skin moisture, let you keep water tender skin. But at this point, it is important to note that after spray spray, must use paper towels to wipe off the excess water oh, keep the natural air drying, not only not hydrating effect, it will make the water erosion faster oh.

Summer skin moisturizer tips: sun protection is also important

Don't think sunscreen and hydration are two different things. Summer high strength of the ultraviolet light can make the skin becomes dry dark heavy, many people think that don't have to wear sunscreen indoors, that's wrong, both indoors and outdoors should slap on the sunscreen, this can effectively avoid moisture is quickly evaporate. And sunscreen needs to be applied every three or four hours to better protect our skin.

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Summer skin hydrate small clever way: clean the skin to want to use hot towel, had better massage

After the skin finish cleans, should use hot towel to apply a face, can open skin pore so, benefit the skin absorbs the nutrition that protects skin to taste. When using skin care products, proper massage can also promote skin absorption of skin care products nutrients, and can reduce skin fine lines.

Summer skin moisturizing tips: moisturizing essence is essential

Many girls think that moisturizing essence is the skin care product used only by mature women. This idea is wrong. No matter what age women are should be prepared to moisture essence, after using the toner, to use moisturizing essence, can lock the moisture in the skin, prevent water loss, and increase the skin to absorb nutrition.

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