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Even a flat-chested bride can take a full picture

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Choose the right lingerie

Underwear has always been a woman's favorite, choosing good underwear to take wedding photos has always been the focus of wedding photography. Choose 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup for a wedding photo to effectively concentrate the small chest, make it look round and upright, and take the perfect wedding photo. Cover cup inside have liner, have side to push, concentration function, bottom thick go up thin bra also has the same effect. The soft invisible steel ring can effectively support the chest, and the curve of the chest beauty becomes beautiful. When trying on brassiere, must check from the side, ability knows the radian that puts on the garment how, the design that chooses the top position of cover cup to face upwards, can build the effect that sharp and straight.

2. Selection of wedding dress style

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Flat breast bride had better choose medium, high waist, gauze face, waist discount white gauze, can decorate the proportion of figure so. Or choose a wedding dress with a pocket on the front or a special pattern on the front to increase the effect of divergence. For example, a dress with a pleated front or tie will make the chest look larger. Or use a flower to make a chic wedding dress for the bride, let the flower blossom in the bosom heartily, increase the fullness of the breast.

3. Accessories should be small and exquisite

Chest small collocation short filar towel is very good eye shift focus, long filar towel is unfavorable. Delicate small necklace is a good choice, long necklace can not wear without wearing! Chest flowers, chest decoration to increase the wedding gauze photo of a set of points. A tote bag is better than a side pack, and a back backpack is also a good choice for a bride with a small chest.

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