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Wedding photo shooting strategy 4, take wedding photo posture

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Every girl dreams of you have a perfect wedding, and wedding photography is the culmination of a marriage before the wedding photos can leave the most beautiful memories of youth, can also record the happiness and sweetness, therefore, prospective brides are particularly value their wedding photos. Take a wedding dress to master small skills, put out the most natural posture to make the picture look more warm.

Avoid keeping your head and body aligned

When your body is facing the camera, turn your head slightly to the left or right. Likewise, if your eyes are looking straight into the lens, turn your body into an Angle. With one foot in front of you, this position will make you look thinner: stand with your feet apart. The front knee bends slightly and the upper body tilts slightly backwards.

Watch your posture

For example, when sitting in a chair, the back of the back of the chair cannot be leaned against the back of the chair. When sitting on the ground, you should also pay attention to straighten your waist. Of course, you should not relax too much, which will make your back appear not quite straight enough, your legs will also be relaxed with your shoulders hanging down and your legs not so light.

3. Best pose for two

Usually the bride and groom relative camera have six basic structure combination: female as male side, female half sideways along the male side, female half sideways to male half sideways, male side female side, male right female am, male female body to turn around and back. Based on these six basic combinations and further fine-tuning, you can create a wedding photo pose with different feelings.

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4. Hand posture should not be ignored

Hand posture is one of the most overlooked details for newcomers, especially when it comes to outdoor photography, where the hand is an extremely small part of the picture. However, if it is not placed properly, it will inevitably affect the harmony of the whole picture. The most important thing is to keep the hand intact and not give the illusion of deforming, breaking, or mutilating. The bride also needs to be careful not to strain her fingers too tightly when doing the movements.

5. Make use of decorative items

The bouquet is the perfect decoration for the bride, but don't let the bouquet stick to your chin and bend your arms naturally to your elbows. Keep your arms away from your body. That's because the pose can influence the results. If you're conceited about the lines of your arms, think about putting on a gauzy shawl that draws attention to your shoulders and your gorgeous collarbone.

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