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Zheng jiaying, 45, proposed to her girlfriend Chen kailin

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Which owns "rich singles" Kevin cheng of tens of millions of property within the circle has been described as "the" killer ", after pass the gossip with the female star, niki chow and she shiman, sheren tang at cooperation is in charge of shooting a actress. In early April, the 45-year-old's new relationship was revealed by the media, this time with Chen kailin, a 23-year-old post-90s Miss Hong Kong champion. It is reported that the two have created a love spark for the TV series stiff.


A source revealed: "Chen kailin is a good girl, jia ying usually talk less, see Chen kailin is well-behaved and start to talk more, and Chen kailin likes to be familiar with men, so immediately!" Shortly after, the 22-year-old romance surfaced when the two were photographed walking in front and behind her in her new mansion for two hours.

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Chen kailin Miss Hong Kong candidate photo

According to our knowledge, the proposal was made on May 31, when zheng jiaying and Chen kailin attended the victory banquet held by the cast and then went to the KTV to sing happily. "At that time, zheng jiaying was obviously drunk, and in the middle of singing, she asked everyone to turn off the microphone. Then she took out the ring box from the paper bag and offered her a heart-shaped diamond ring." According to a person familiar with the matter, Chen immediately took it and put it on her hand in a coy way, announcing the blossoming of the "lost love" between the ages of 22 and 22.

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