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June candlelight wedding planning essentials

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Deep feeling of the music in the ears, swaying sparkle of silhouetted against a lover is the most moving appearance, in the blessing of all together into the palace of the wedding ~ ~ to think is really a romantic acme wedding! How to make such a romantic and perfect wedding? Let's take a look at the 6 keys to a candlelight wedding.

1. Candle preparation

You need to prepare the candles ahead of time, roughly including the candlestick and the wax float. Candlestick is divided into a variety of shapes, windsail, heart, S, etc., generally provided by wedding companies. The wax can be placed on the lead of the road, or on the tables of the guests. How much wax can be put and how much wax can be bought can be decided by the couple themselves. But it's important that the quality of the waxes is good. Some wedding waxes burn for up to five minutes, and the candles go out before the wedding is over. This has lost due atmosphere, so new people choose and buy when must not covet cheap.

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Key points of candlelight wedding planning 2. Venue layout

The banquet hall that holds candle power wedding wants to choose close, had better have curtain to separate light. Because it's a candlelight wedding, the effect of candlelight can only be seen when the lights are turned off. At the beginning of the red carpet at the entrance to the wedding, create a flower or silk flower arch with green leaves for the couple to enter. At the entrance of the wedding to the wedding ceremony stage background, covered by l-shaped or one word of red carpet, when new people come from the red carpet, a symbol of the new journey towards the happiness of life together, is also a symbol of the new bright future. The wedding hall should be able to provide power for candlelight lamps, bubble machines, fog generators, projectors and other electrical appliances. Say yes to the hotel in advance. They will be there for the wedding day.

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