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 Wedding cakes are usually served in layers

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 The sweet and delicious wedding cake also represents the sweet marriage of the new couple, which is indispensable in the present wedding. But the new people for the wedding cake layers are not quite understand, cutting method and matters needing attention of the wedding cake has a lot of doubt, the following will share related information to you, hope to help you.

  The wedding cake is usually divided into several layers

  The wedding cake

  Wedding cakes are usually served in layers

  In fact, there is no strict limit on the number of layers of wedding cakes. But if it is multi-layer cake, it is better to use 9 layers, which means a long time. In addition, the price of wedding cake is not certain, the price of different brands and different taste is different, and the actual situation is determined.

  The wedding cake

  Second, wedding cake classification

  1. Single layer cake, square shape, round shape, etc. In a restaurant, a typical wine house is used for weddings.

  2. Multi-layer cake is more luxurious than single-layer cake. Even without a rostrum, every guest should be able to see such a large cake and take photos of it

  3. Make a custom pattern cake, make a ski resort where they meet for the first time, and play golf together. It should bring the meeting to a climax at a banquet and be fun to customize.

  4. Luxurious model cake. Some luxurious weddings can be used in the case of large number of guests and large scene, which can show the wedding style. This kind of cake, the bottom layer is the real fresh milk cake, when cutting the cake is also the real cake

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