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Marriage witness testimony

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The most standard words of marriage certificate

  The groom is not only handsome in appearance, honest and honest, but also kind and caring in heart. I am not only conscientious and responsible in my work, but also diligent in my work. I am a talented young man with outstanding achievements.

  The bride is not only beautiful and lovely, but also has the inner beauty of Oriental women. Not only gentle and considerate, but also noble in character and pure in heart; Not only can be the master of financial management, but also skilled, is a rare good daughter-in-law.

  The heart ACTS as if it were love or love. God not only created the new couple, but also will create their offspring and their future. Connect their love, so that their dreams can be together.

  At this moment, the bride and groom get conjugal love of husband and wife, from now on, rich or poor, disease, conditions, life and death, you will wholeheartedly devoted his life to love each other, mutual affinity, grow old together forever in the journey of life, happiness. In the end, I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

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