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Teacher's wedding wish

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 The teacher is about to get married, as a teacher student you naturally want to send a blessing, so what kind of blessing is appropriate to send? Small make up recommend a few teachers to get married the blessing language to give everybody reference, the blessing language needs the sincere gratitude and the sincere blessing in which the most suitable!

  A teacher's wedding wish

  A hundred years of good life and a happy life

  Love in love, love in love, love in love

  The teacher got married

  1. I wish you a happy and happy relationship and happiness forever.

  2. May my benefactor always be in love with each other.

  3. Master and mother, the perfect match, harmonizing the music!

  4. Wish teachers happiness, appearance and the world, and children's garden.

  Peach and plum blossom rain, happiness often in your heart.

  6. Peach, plum, zenghua, no crane in his tent, accompanied by Musical Instruments, there are turtles in his bed.

  7. The white head is in line with the eyebrows.

  8. Always remember the teacher's kindness and never give up. Wish the teacher happiness forever!

  Teachers are proud of our achievements, and we are proud of teachers' happiness.

  10. Wish respected teachers and beautiful teachers a happy and happy marriage forever!

  11. The harp and lyre are in love with the friends of the royal lyre.

  12, silk missing, turned into Yin blessing, I wish my benefactor a good moon, bound three lives.

  13, the teacher god is sentimentally attached to the talent son beautiful people love each other xiang opens a hundred times the perfect match!

  Heart to heart, heart to heart, heart to heart, heart to heart, and heart to heart

  15. Dear teacher, thank you for your hard sweat to moisten our hearts, and nurture us to grow strong. May all your days be filled with happiness, joy and warmth.

  16, the life is ordinary, the life is difficult, the knowledge is dedicated in silence, you are the emissary of civilization, you are the diligent gardener, heartfelt thanks to you, in this beautiful moment, I wish a hundred years of good cooperation! Happy marriage, sweet honey! Give birth to a son early!

  17. Today, on behalf of the church, I extend my heartfelt wishes to you with a heart of joy and Thanksgiving: the Lord has done what he has done for eternity; he has loved what he has done. May god bless you that your love is taller and longer than the heavens above, and your love is deeper and wider than the depths of the sea!

  Dear teacher, you are like the spring rain that moistens our hearts. The love and care you have given us will inspire us to go through difficult times. On your wedding day, may you two love each other and live happily ever after.

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