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The latest retro bridal hairstyle in Europe and the United States has dazzled you at the wedding

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Many people have a strong restoring ancient ways is complex, is below small make up for like the bride of European and American style restoring ancient ways to bring the latest European and American bride hair style restoring ancient ways, will definitely bring you glamorous on the wedding day, become the most beautiful noble elegant bride. Come and see, you won't be disappointed.

  The latest European and American vintage brides hairstyle 1-3.

  1. Suitable for a small and fresh style of European and American style, with a small and fresh air. The dark brown hair is very white, and the simple shawl has a thin, thin face, with hair accessories, pure and fresh.

  2, the forehead hair design is pure and fresh and natural, comb bang out of the complete air after feeling, full of degrees of bulging bride facial features delicate and stereo, due to the low twist plait woven with delicate makeup look, the bride elegant temperament is self-evident.

  3, face small MM can try a European and American bride to send, the low hair bun of the forehead is fresh and simple, without liu hai zang hair more obvious temperament, tie-in hair ornament and head gauze, noble and elegant.

  The latest European and American vintage bridal hairstyle 4-6.

  4. Simple and elegant hair style with a small hat for decoration is also a very popular hairstyle for brides this year! The hair of brown hairline looks very beautiful, and tall dish hair also is able to decorate face shape more, tie-in bud silk gauze small top hat, highlight the most elegant temperament.

  5, very feminine a cape bride's long hair hairstyle, fluffy and full of the shawl curl natural curl, very have a sense of hair, the simple hair of the forehead and hair collocation of the hair, fairy air elegant.

  6, like European retro bride-to-be to reference the bride hairstyle, fluffy golden brown curly hair wave side his ponytail, no bangs the fluffy hair with hair, romantic restoring ancient ways.

  The latest European and American vintage bride hairstyles 7-9.

  7. This kind of high bun is a classic style with a retro style, with the design of the middle part, and the hair silk on both sides of the side is naturally put on the temples, which is beautiful and romantic, like the princess of the middle ages.

  8, fresh buds head go though very lovable, but a bud head but need good skills, bloom the flowers on the top of the head, twist like collocation butterfly petals diamond ornaments, special beautiful, in addition, the bride's head of hair is also very clear texture points!

  9. It is suitable for the understanding royal sisters to take care of a European fresh bride's hair, the hair of the highlights is very white, the bouffant hair is embellished with the flowers, romantic and fresh.

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