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Trend bride holds flower color 6 big color is beautiful to acme.

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 Bride holding flowers during the wedding ceremony is indispensable, when the wedding day the groom will spend gently into the bride's hand in hand, the bride has been clutching the sweet, until the end of the wedding bouquet toss to look forward to another happy woman, love and hope in that between pieces of petals float in the sky, carrying the couple's love and happiness in the future. Still in order to choose the new people with flower vexation, come to see this year's trend bride to hold flower color, this 6 big color is beautiful to the extreme, leave the impression that the guest impresses at the wedding.

  White is for pure and sweet color.

  The bride holds the flower color - white.

  White is the color that represents pure and sweet, white holds flower far to appear to have a kind of pure and fresh natural flavor. Whether Daisy is calm, or romantic intoxicating white roses, blossoming in the light green bud under the deck of the leaves, foil holding flowers romantic, is particularly suitable for pure temperament melting and lovely bride, it can will be your beauty to the limit.

  Red is suitable for traditional Chinese wedding.

  The bride holds flower colors - red.

  Red is also commonly used in holding flowers, especially for traditional Chinese weddings. In traditional wedding is given priority to with festive and auspicious, the bride's hand bouquet flowers can choose red flowers for decoration, such as red roses, red alocasia, red peony, etc., this kind of warm color can perfect show the bride happy and sweet feeling.

  Purple is a mysterious and rich color.

  The bride holds the flower colour - purple.

  Purple is a mysterious and rich color, there is a kind of "purple east to come" feeling, only see purple hands to be able to know a romantic to the extreme wedding is about to take place. If you're a straight-talking, blushing bride, you're the perfect match for purple hands.

  Orange for the wedding to create a sense of fantasy romance.

  The bride holds the flower colour - orange.

  Orange bride holding flowers and white roses, can build give a kind of dreamy romantic feeling for the wedding, and orange seems to be a full of warm color, make the whole wedding is sweet and sweet atmosphere. Brides who get married in autumn can use yellow roses and African chrysanthemum to create a bouquet that will make the bride appear more elegant.

  Romantic pink always can pull a girl's heart easily.

  The bride holds the flower color - pink.

  Romantic pink always can pull the heart of the girl easily, for the bride that advocate romance, pink color of hand holds flower is very suitable oh! The bouquet of pink rose and pink peony is elegant and graceful, very suitable for sweet style wedding. Imagine that you will be extraordinarily happy when you walk up to the altar.

  Holding flowers as if holding a hand garden.

  The bride holds the flower color - color.

  If your wedding is in the spring and summer, when the flowers are in full bloom, the choice of holding flowers will certainly be colorful! Pink peony, white peach, yellow dahlia, hyacinth, cream rose gardens and lilac, white orange, lavender, and fresh mint is colorful bouquet of flowers, with colorful hand bouquet as if holding a hand garden, romantic and sweet.

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