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Is it important for the bride to choose the right bra for her underwear?

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The bride's underwear is the soul of the wedding dress, but many times the bride spends her time choosing her wedding dress, often ignoring the best underwear for wedding photos. It is said that beauty is separated from the inside, so it is important that the bride wears underwear.

  Is it important for the bride to choose the right bra for her underwear?

  1. Try to choose underwear that is the same color as the wedding dress.

  When choosing underwear, the bride of small bosom must pay attention to match with the color of bridal dress, because this can prevent underwear to appear in the light of sunshine and magnesium lamp to appear the circumstance of color to go to light. Such as if the bride wears a white wedding dress, underwear also had better choose white or color of this kind of light color fastens, if choose the color of deep or complex patterns, will destroy the wedding itself fully thin fabrics with light qiao line, affect the overall aesthetic.

  The size of the underwear must be suitable.

  The bride will have to work hard all day, whether it's a wedding photo or a wedding, so the size of the bra must fit. Tight underwear not only makes the chest appear smaller, but also can easily cause hypoxic discomfort. And if the underwear is too loose, it's easy to walk away. In general, a bride with a small chest can choose half or three-quarters of the cups, so that the breasts of the bride will have a good effect on the breasts, making the breasts look fuller.

  Avoid shoulder straps.

  When choosing lingerie, the bride should avoid shoulder-straps. Because no matter how stable the straps are, there is a possibility of shifting or dropping the shoulder. If this happens at a wedding, it can be embarrassing. And if the straps are too tight, they still have a tear in the shoulder, which is very lossy.

  4. Small tips

  The bride should pay attention to the dress of underwear, only choose the underwear that suits them best, can show the most perfect result. Sometimes you don't need to hide yourself too much. It's really important to be comfortable. Another chest be small MM can be set in the chest of the dress a big bowknot, this can not only increase the lovely temperament, but also can transfer visual focus, make up for the defect of chest be small!

  Many brides are small in size and flat in their breasts. So, what does a flat-chested bride wear to make her breasts bigger? The above underwear trick allows you to wear the perfect wedding dress.

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