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Four advantages of the wedding dessert area.

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Wedding sweet wedding more rich fun, whether western or Chinese style wedding, the new people are more willing to in the waiting area of the wedding, so when we set the wedding dessert area at what problem should note? Here's a look at some of the highlights of this article.

  I. matters needing attention in wedding dessert area.

  1. The use time and location of the dessert table -- providing the store with accurate time to ensure the freshness of the food and the arrival time;

  The mass-tone attune, the theme of the wedding, and 2 - each has its own theme, the wedding dessert can cooperate subject to special design style, maybe a little biscuit can reveal new information of love oh, mass-tone attune is dessert integral effect evaluation of the main factors, don't jump tone has good effect;

  3, the number of guests and the size of the site - this is crucial, variety of desserts is able to reveal the magnificent effect, but if too much weight and cause waste, is not what you would like to see;

  4. The budget of the dessert table -- reasonable budget line, can let the new couple have reasonable allocation in the selection of food style and quantity, so that the dessert table can be polished for the whole wedding.

  Advantages of the dessert area.

  (1) the display area is more abundant.

  Now, the wedding is not the same as before. Now the wedding, as if eating instead of the rear, but the audio-visual effect in the most important position. The visual effect, then, is the visual effect. When the guests come to the wedding, the first thing they see is the display area of the wedding. Therefore, in the exhibition area, the new people also pay more and more attention, often attach importance to the theme layout of the unity. And you know some of the elements that are assigned, if you want to be richer and fuller, you're going to have to add money. And if it is a large space area, want to decorate full and flowery, it is to want many meters. So, if it's not to expand the display area, but to divide it into two blocks and add a dessert area, the ball feels better.

  This, the layout of two blocks will make on the vision more full, and secondly, these small dessert, you can purchase by yourself, so don't need to increase a lot of topic to decorate, virtually also reduce the cost of many. Because many small sweet treats not only appearance is good-looking, colour is rich, the adornment sex of whole is very strong also!

  (2) to entertain guests.

  It was also said that the wedding was late, so it was a bit rude for the guests if the delay was longer. And very few people actually start to eat the cold dishes on the table. So, this time, if have a dessert area, to member let customers in the chat at the same time, also can eat a little bit small tea mat mat, it won't be so boring and less hungry.

  (3) children's world.

  At every wedding, children are a small group that can't be ignored. Therefore, many of the games in the later stage of the wedding also added a link to the children, thus it can be seen that the wedding scene is attached to the children's group. In general, if you see the dessert area in the wedding arrangement, the children are absolutely delighted.

  First of all, children are not as hungry as adults, children are easy to be hungry, and hungry is not easy to control, will be easy to cry, and to adults is also more troublesome. After the dessert area, children can eat a little cushion. Besides, the beautiful shape of the dessert area can attract the attention of the children, and the children will not go crazy.

  Come again, generally dessert area, in order to beautiful, also can decorate some beautiful lollipop or candy, etc., so children even if not hungry do not eat, can also play with a little in his hand, like this child is able to stay quiet.

  (4) the arrangement corresponds to the overall arrangement.

  In particular, for the whole display area, if it is pure layout, it will be more difficult to make effect, and the cost will be higher. And if it is added to the dessert area, if the layout is good, it can be compatible with the theme of the exhibition area, and be integrated. And the overall feeling will be very good, also compared to the relatively only one layout area will be more abundant and full.

  These are the things that make up the wedding dessert area, and you can learn more about the advantages of the wedding dessert area.

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