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Smartwatch battery BL-S8 for LG Watch Style W270

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This replacement Lg BL-S8 battery pack is specially designed with multiple-protection circuit for maximum safety. The housing of the Lg BL-S8 Cheap Batteries pack is made of non flammable and very durable plastic, which is fire retarded and avoids damage when dropped from low heights.

This battery is made of top materials of Li-ion cells that have been safely certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and tested through repeated simulated work and commissioning before they are shipped from the factory. On the other hand, its specifications are based on the original standards such as appearance, interface type, body size, capacity, voltage, charging current and voltage, metal interface type and position, etc.

Category :Lg Cheap Batteries
SKU :ECN12166_Wat_Oth
Capacity :232mAh 0.9Wh
Voltage :3.85V
Chemistry :Li-ion
Description :LG Watch Style W270
Certification :RoHS, CE, FCC, UL

All our high quality replacement batteries for Lg BL-S8 have been tested and proven to match and/or exceed original Lg battery performance and are 100% compatible with Original Manufacturer Specifications.This battery for Lg BL-S8 comes with 1-Year limited warranty.

* With maximum, realistic capacity (mAh) for longest operating times.
* 100% compatible and perfectly matched to the original battery.
* Lg BL-S8 battery has passed CE certification and has built-in short-circuit, over-charging and over-heating protection functions to provide maximum safety. does not record or save the user's browsing history. Your final payment confirmation on this website will be sent to a secure third party payment: Paypal Complete. After completing the order confirmation, we will only use your personal data for transactions. After completing the order, all your data will be used for future customer service and will be strictly protected by us. We will never share your personal information for commercial purposes or send you harassing emails during transactions without your permission. We hope you enjoy shopping at!

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