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When You Need and How Do GPS Jammers Work?

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With the increasing use of GPS devices and their rising potential for privacy violation, many people are now turning to GPS signal jammers to protect their privacy. When or under which circumstances a GPS jammer may be utilized? How do they work? Now this article will explain in detail.

When/Why Jam?

It might be a bit mystifying to someone as to why someone might want to jam/block a GPS signal. However, there are those with a particular need for privacy, be it to keep law enforcement from engaging in warrantless car or personal tracking, massage their paranoia, take an unauthorized lunchbreak with a GPS enabled company vehicle, or a teenager not wanting their parents to track their GPS phone and so on.

How Do GPS Signal Jammers Work?

The basic purpose of a GPS signal jammer is to prevent GPS loggers from either receiving satellite signals, or sending signals back to their base station. Now chances are that any GPS you will have contact with use the radio frequency set aside from civilian use: military units use a very different frequency.

A GPS signal jammer works by sending out its own signal on the same frequency as the GPS unit, a noisy signal that prevents it from receiving or transmitting any useful information. There are a number of types of noisy signals it can send: some call for a narrowband Gaussian signal, while others for a simple continuous wave.

Since GPS signals are quite weak and being distributed out across the surface of the Earth by satellites high in orbit, they’re among the easiest to jam out of all the signals.

Models of GPS Signal Jammers

There are a variety of designs for GPS Signal Jammers, each suitable for slightly different uses or purposes. The first as well as the most popular model to hit the mainstream market was the one that is plugged into the cigarette lighter of a car for power supply, effectively blocking the signal for around 15 foot radius. Not enough to disrupt signals from other cars, but enough to keep you in a cone of GPS jamming silence. As to other versions that are battery or AC adapter powered, their jamming range are also different.

Signals They can Block

The signals a GPS signal jammer can block are also in variation: some can block only GPS (commonly used GPSL1), while others can block GPS and GSM(GPRS/2G 3G) signals, and so on. Of course, which jammer to choose still depends on the signals involved in that GPS tracker you want to block.

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