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My ex-girlfriend got married and said,

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My ex-girlfriend got married and said,

1. Sometimes when we get together, I know that someday we will be apart. One day we will go our separate ways

2, the sky finally began to rain, and my heart is in this moment frozen bit by bit, I don't want to cry, but tears can't help flow down, maybe love a person, it should set him free, maybe we also try to put a chance to live for love, little drops of life, the obstacles and difficulties in life and in this doesn't make any sense to have today.

3. I know it is a mistake, but the indifferent expression always passes quietly. I know I should put up this loss, but the most important concern has poured into my heart.

4, I know, our break up is a big blow to you. I don't know how to comfort you, but things have already happened, and I hope you can put the knot in your heart and give you and me a new start in life. There is a cloud: "good get together good scatter. "

5, I thought that meeting you was god's favor for me, but every day I missed the suffering of my unexpected, you said that the previous pledge, sweet words and honeyed words are just a game, I think this love has no absolute victory, I wish you happiness!

6. I am like a shadow that you have nothing to do with it. I let loneliness exchange sad thoughts and have nothing to do with love. Tears are the only luxury on this tasteless day.

I hope you can view this life with a tolerant heart, the world, get out of your present predicament, and be a cheerful you. I sincerely wish you a better boy than me in the future.

I can feel the earth move, but I can't touch you. I would like to pray heaven and earth, and pray for happiness and happiness with you forever.

We start with the end! Because I'm a snowman, you're a stove! But we chose to be together. This is not a tragedy, at least we have loved this life! Never regret each other's choice!

When we are apart, your beauty is still preserved in my heart, like a vague illusion of a young age, which delights my melancholy heart.

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I didn't say much to my family, but I said the reasons you gave, and they seemed to accept the fact that we had been apart for so many years. Besides, my world was lonely and difficult to share with others. I know very well that I have taken a non-belonging road to this world, and that day, in the signature form, I firmly filled in my understanding of the reasons for the separation, and I felt very comfortable. It's the confirmation of faith, and it's the price.

I feel that your heart is not there. I feel that love has left.

I don't want to affect your future any more. You can find someone better than me I don't want to cheat you and myself any more. I hope you can forgive me. I will bless you forever.

I hide all my vows in my weak heart. It is your unrelenting leaving that has messed up all my dreams. No tears to complain.

15, warm, your eyes deep circulation, the contract of the heart still bind us, and I, can only, forever recall, you my past For you to shed all tears, everything only for you!

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