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What are the six things to watch out for before the honeymoon

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What are the six things to watch out for before the honeymoon

Honeymoons are something that every newlywed can look forward to and enjoy, but it can be a headache if you don't have it planned in advance. So getting ready in advance will be a prerequisite for a happy honeymoon. So what are the preparations for the honeymoon?

Preparations for the honeymoon 1:

1. Determine the length of marriage leave

Be sure to ask yourself how long your wedding leave is and make sure it won't change again. Don't get caught in the middle of the game and realize that you have to go to work and that your honeymoon is not over, which will not only affect your mood for the rest of the day, but will also result in a significant reduction in your salary. Schedule your honeymoon so that you don't have to be too busy. For example, if you have a big case to deal with, make sure you get the important work done before you go on your honeymoon.

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2. Good handover of work matters

The honeymoon may only be for you and your partner, but for the company, there's a good chance things won't work out smoothly without you. Hand over your work before you go on your honeymoon, make it easier for others, and avoid being called back for work emergencies.

3: take security measures for your personal life before the honeymoon

After marriage, the couple is usually in a sweet period, when it is easy to fail to take safety measures due to the pursuit of temporary happiness. If you accidentally get pregnant, your honeymoon trip will be delayed for a year or even two or three years.

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