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Constellation most suitable wedding dress design beautiful unlimited surprise repeatedly

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Aries bride

In order to match the innocent and dreamy nature of Aries, the overly complicated style and decoration are not suitable for Aries brides, which will cover up their lovely and unmade temperament. On the contrary, the gorgeous wedding dress with pure and fresh, simple tailoring (even with the high-waisted style of children's wear) will make the bride of Aries brighten her eyes and make her feel uncomfortable.

Taurus bride

For a Taurus bride, there is little need for a wedding dress designer or beauty coach to give her much advice. As for her wedding dress, she already has her own wedding dress design in mind. It is common for a Taurus bride to like to participate in the design of her wedding dress, because those ordinary rented dresses cannot satisfy her fancy. Of course, this must be within the means of economic empowerment, otherwise, the practical Taurus bride will not be willing to sacrifice the quality of her honeymoon trip for a beautiful Japanese wedding dress.

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Gemini brides

Be fond of creating style of Gemini, in the choice of marriage gauze, is also a "claim", all of the Gemini the bride's wedding dress shop may go around half of the city, at the end to find a "feeling of the" white gauze, this white gauze is not necessarily the most expensive material, but it must be the brightest and most can produce sound in the crowd, but the bride-to-be Gemini will still have a bit not satisfied, potential hope this white gauze "more conservative" or "classical" again, this is a typical Gemini's dual personality.

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