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The key of the electronic warfare-Jammer device

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Why need a ew wifi jammer?

Advancements in electronic warfare are one of the key components guiding the development of autonomous systems for the military. There is a wide range of electronic warfare jammers that are designed to disrupt enemy drones. However, airborne jammers carried by drones could be more common than you think. Drones as a platform for, and not just the target of, electronic warfare means that the sight of a flying robot overhead could signal incoming strikes as well as a sudden inability to call for help.

It’s part of a DoD-wide push toward greater use of EW, reflected in programs such as the Air Force’s Electronic Warfare and Electromagnetic Spectrum Superiority initiative and the Navy’s focus on the Next Generation Jammer to counter EW attacks. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) also just announced that it is creating a Joint Spectrum Data Repository to collect, standardize, and share spectrum-related data. The repository, run by the Defense Spectrum Organization, will provide access and customized reports on data up to the Secret level. DISA said it plans in the coming years to also provide additional data sources, data quality assessments, and other services.

The NGJ system will augment, and ultimately replace the EA-18G Growler aircraft's legacy ALQ-99 tactical GPS signal jammer system with advanced airborne electronic attack capabilities for defeating increasingly advanced and capable threats. Developed in three frequency-focused increments - high-, mid- and low-band - NGJ will bring a significant increase in airborne electronic attack capability to counter complex air defense and communications systems.

10 Bands Jammer

Use of electronic warfare jammer

In October Northrop Grumman received a $35 million, 20-month contract from the Naval Air Systems Command to demonstrate existing jammer capabilites for the NJG-LB programme.

The programme aims to replace the navy's ALQ-99 tactical mobile phone jammer system onboard the E/A-18 Growler aircraft, giving the aircraft greater electronic attack capabilities in the lower frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum against modern threats. Developed in three frequency-focused increments – high-, mid- and low-band – NGJ will bring a significant increase in airborne electronic attack capability to counter complex air defence and communications systems.

Anti-Drone Jammers Becoming Standard Equipment For Law Enforcement A new line of defense is needed as off-the-shelf home-use drones are being adapted for use as lethal explosive droppng devices by both domestic malcontents and foreign terrorist organizations. What is a drone and how do drones work is answered here in this easy to understand article. Easy to make, cheap to buy, simple to fly, and hard to detect, commercially available drones are one of the most quickly evolving technological threats to military and civilian interests.

DCAA aims to gun down unauthorized drones silently and safely using the all new state of the art Anti Drone Rifle with Signal Jamming Technology. Boise-based anti-drone tech company Black Sage will demonstrate its counter-unmanned aerial vehicle defense system on the State Capitol in Boise, Idaho next week. There are numerous systems built to take down wayward or dangerous drones, but they tend to have one big catch: you need to be relatively close to the drone, wh Engadget LoginThrough the radio, you will be able to integrate your anti drone detection system to C2 systems such as ATAK or similar.

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