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The Rockets decided to break up with Anthony! One person is the key

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On November 17th, according to US media reports, the reason why the Houston Rockets broke up with Carmelo Anthony was that Gary Clark squeezed out the position of Melo, so the team decided to part with Anthony.
Between Carmelo Anthony and Clark, the Rockets did not hesitate to give this opportunity to this young man. The reason is very simple. After Anthony came to the Rockets, the soldes minelli Rockets’ record is far less than the previous season, and Anthony seems to Without adapting to the team's system, he played 10 games for the Rockets, averaging 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds, but the Rockets' record has plummeted.
Under such circumstances, when the team used young Clark, the situation of the Rockets changed a lot. In yesterday's game, the Rockets beat the Warriors 107-86, and Clark's performance was remarkable. Although Clark's scoring average is not high, but on the defensive end and team cooperation, he has to do better than Anthony, so the Rockets chose Clark and eliminated Anthony. (Emily)
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