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How does anniversary make sense: watch the wedding video

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After a meal, bring out your wedding pictures come out to watch, the day is also a good way, on the one hand, can be moved back to the day's, and on the same day, many years later you still sitting watching videos, that kind of feeling and experience is very wonderful.

How does a wedding anniversary make sense: do the housework for the day

If it is a man, on the wedding anniversary day, take the initiative to do all the housework on that day, and give his wife the most sincere touch with the most practical action.

How does a wedding anniversary make sense: making small surprises

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Can sprinkle some white lies, let each other down first, and then jump out to give each other surprise, such as containers that can hold don't know which day is the day, and then all of a sudden unexpected gift to the other side, or have to work overtime may be back late in the day, and then secretly ran back, with a gift and programs prepared in advance, the unexpected surprises will be touched each other and be happy.

How does anniversary make sense did you learn that? You need to know that a good marriage needs to be managed. Learn these skills quickly.

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