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 Help the couple choose the most suitable wedding car

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1: compare the list and finalize the business

  It is recommended that prospective couples arrange their questions in a tabular order to make it easier to compare subtle differences. Choose the most cost-effective business.

  2: contact the merchant and ask to see the car

  While there are wedding car photos available, some of them were taken earlier and may not be the same as today's car. Or some profiteers can take pictures of others and pretend to be their own cars. In order to avoid the bride on the day of, the car isn't you take a fancy to the car in the picture, it is better to go to the scene to take a look at, look at the actual situation also can from the vehicle's real psychological sense to old and new. Moreover, most of the cars that can be parked in rental companies are unlikely to be private "black cars".

  3. Select the wedding car and determine the details

  If you are satisfied with the goods, order them with pleasure. But first you need to know how the rental time is calculated, is the car from the garage? Or start with a fancy car? Or from the wedding company after the wedding from the date of departure. In addition, in order to avoid the wedding day, the wedding car is transferred by the merchant, you can remember the license plate number, or request to use the camera to record.

  Remember to communicate the route of marriage with the merchant and ask for a driver who is familiar with the road condition.

  4. Sign the marriage car rental contract

  When you sign a contract, you must remember to include in it all that you have previously agreed upon.

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