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The newst GSM signal jammer is being developed

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The Signal jammer technology will be cooperatively matured by the RAAF

The Airborne Electronic Attack Systems and EA-6B Program Office (PMA-234). The MOU provides the framework for communication, coordination and cooperation during engineering and manufacturing development.

“As this is a rapidly evolving area, we will work in partnership with the US Navy to develop the next-generation cellphone jammers capability, which will ensure that our aircraft remain at the technological forefront throughout their service life.”

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The AN/ALQ-249 Next Generation GPS jammers (NGJ) Increment (Inc) 1 Mid-band program passed the critical design review in late April and is now in the engineering and manufacturing development phase.

The GSM signal jammer is being developed to address the emerging, advanced threats and increased threat density using the latest Active Electronically Scanned Array, also known as AESA, digital and
software-based technologies.

The products provided by Raytheon will be installed on the Ground Power drone jammer

Cooling System in support of the Next Generation high power jammers. The modification was selected by the U.S. Navy in 2013 to replace the more than 40-year-old ALQ-99 jammer systems on the Boeing EA-18G Growler, an aircraft specifically designed for electronic warfare.

In 2016, the U.S. Navy awarded Raytheon a $1 billion contract to develop and manufacture the Next Generation WIFI jammers, according to Raytheon and Defense Department records.

Hidden Type Jammers

The new Raytheon-built AN/ALQ-249 jammer will be an essential tool for the Navy’s Boeing EA-18G Growler fleet to counter the growing threat from advanced Russian and Chinese-built air defenses such as the S-400 and HQ-9. The currently used ALQ-99 jammers are more than 40 years old, and not at all useful against the advanced threat systems of Russia and China.

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