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Ideal for weathered rock,gravel layer-Sinorock

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Sinorock was able to manufacture a series of self drilling hollow bars that met high standards and would be used in soil nailing, portal preparation,etc.Sinorock self drilling hollow anchor bolt is designed for use in underground works.Ideal for weathered rock,gravel layer,etc.Sinorock has variety of Self-Drilling hollow anchor Bolt types. Self-drilling hollow anchor bolt is a advanced achoring system which is composed by hollow anchor bar, nut, plate, coupler, drill bit, centralizer.

The Sinorock Self-Drilling hollow Bolts are ideal for Tie Back Anchors; Ground Anchors, Grouted Anchors, Injection Grouting, Grout Blankets, Soil Nailing, Ground Stabilsation and Rock Coring. The installation technique allows the anchor to be drilled, installed and grouted at the same time, offering benefits to ground improvement, type of machinery used for installation and dramatic increases in productivity on site.

Sinorock self-drilling hollow anchor bolt consists of a fully threaded hollow-core steel bar which can be drilled and grouted into loose or collapsing ground without casing and acts as reinforcing element according to Ground Engineering principals e.g. Quality anchor bolt is of great importance in rock mining.Sinorock has focused on developing and producing high quality anchor bolts and anchor tools.

Sinorock is professional in self drilling anchor manufacturing,we has researched and developed self drilling anchor with different sizes and materials, formed quite complete system, which can adapt for different stratum, meet engineering requirement and improve anchor bolt’s reliability and flexibility.
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